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A week in the name of medicines safety part 1 – New podcast out now

To celebrate #MedSafetyWeek, Drug Safety Matters presents a two-part episode on medicine safety communication campaigns and how they help us spread the pharmacovigilance message.

Communications / 06 November 2023

Start small, but think big: Trials and triumphs of #MedSafetyWeek campaigners

As we prepare for the eighth rendition of the #MedSafetyWeek campaign, we talk to some seasoned campaigners on how to run a successful campaign.

Perspective / 30 October 2023

Guardians of Health: Vigilant surveillance of HIV and TB medicines in Namibia

The introduction of new medications for HIV and TB in Namibia required a more proactive hand in monitoring their safety. For the Namibian TWG, active surveillance was the answer.

In focus / 23 October 2023

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PhPID Explained

Video / 17 October 2023

A week in the name of medicines safety part 2 – New podcast out now

Podcast / 14 November 2023

A week in the name of medicines safety part 1 – New podcast out now

Podcast / 07 November 2023

The WHO PIDM in Focus - Vaccine Safety

Video / 12 October 2023

WHO SEARO – vaccine safety surveillance workshop

Video / 12 January 2023

The colour of signals – New podcast episode

Podcast / 02 October 2023

Uppsala Reports Long Reads – Empowering patients as partners

Podcast / 07 September 2023

Assessing safety in clinical trials - New podcast out now

Podcast / 30 June 2023

Reforming pharmacovigilance education – New podcast out now

Podcast / 10 May 2023

Unlocking the power of real-world data – New podcast episode

Podcast / 31 March 2023

Expanding sources of evidence for better signal detection – New podcast out now

Podcast / 23 February 2023

Unmasking data in the COVID-19 vaccine era – new podcast episode

Podcast / 31 January 2023

An introduction to IDMP

Video / 14 November 2022

#19 Lessons in pandemic pharmacovigilance

Podcast / 15 December 2022

#18 The IDMP standards explained

Podcast / 03 October 2022

Let's talk about side effects - Amazona breast cancer society

Video / 08 March 2022

vigiGroup Explainer – UMC's cluster analysis method

Video / 04 February 2022

#17 Why we need vaccine surveillance systems

Podcast / 25 August 2022

True Vocations - Putting theory into action at UMC

Video / 17 June 2021

WHODrug Koda - Your new coding powerhouse

Video / 30 March 2021

WHODrug Global Data Validation

Video / 08 June 2020

Going further together

Video / 23 May 2018

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